We are offering Indian pharmaceutical drugs, pharmaceutical health products, generic pharmaceutical drugs, pharmaceutical health care products, quality pharmaceutical tablets, biopharmaceutical products, anesthesia products, clinical trials, oncology products and pharmaceutical syrups. These are catered to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical industry.

These are sourced from Indian manufacturers as well as International (Indian-based) Pharmaceutical Companies. The reputed overseas companies from where we procure the Pharmaceutical Products are based in UK and US. With maintaining an amicable relation with them, we are able to offer quality Pharmaceutical Products in scheduled time.

Since our inception in the year 1969, these Pharmaceutical Products are highly demanded by our clientele including Govt. Institutions, Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Pharmacies. We also offer it to various reputed International Trade Organizations and Govt. Institutions in South America. Various unilateral multi funded International agencies including United Nations, World Bank, African Development Bank, USAID and Red Cross also demand the Pharmaceutical Products.    read more...